Five letter word

It’s a common five-letter word that usually takes up a lot of space in any dictionary. A few of its definitions are given below. Can you identify the word?
Adjective: enveloping; with horizontal swing; plump; smooth and full-sounding; sonorous; well finished-off; periodic; approximate; full; plain-spoken; candid; honest; unsparing; vigorous; unqualified; without mincing
Adverb: about; on all sides; in a ring; in a curve; in rotation; in­directly; circuitously; in the neighborhood; towards the opposite quarter; every way
Proposition: about; around; on every side of; all over; past; be­yond; to every side of in succession
Noun: a ladder rung; a slice of toast; a cut of beef; a brewer’s vessel for beer; a coil; a bend; a circuit; a dance in a ring; a cycle; an accustomed walk; routine; a volley; a dealt portion; about in boxing
Verb: to surround; to finish off; to give a finish to make circular; to turn.

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