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What would you light first?

You find shelter in a mountain lodge on a windy night. When you go in, you only find a match, a candle, a sheet of newspaper and a torch. You need to light the fireplace. What would you light first? The match. more...

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The barber

The only barber in my town like foreigners to go into his shop. Last week, he was telling me, “The truth is that I’d rather give two foreigners haircuts than to give a haircut to one person in town.” What was the logic behind this? Because he earns double by...

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How can you explain this?

The giraffe and its offspring are walking in a field. The little giraffe tells a friend, “I am the daughter of this giraffe, although this giraffe is not my mother.” How can you explain this? It is a male giraffe more...

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The coffee

While eating out, my brother-in-law Paul found a fly in his coffee. After taking the cup away, the waiter came back with a different cup of coffee. My brother-in-law got upset and returned it, saying that the coffee in the second cup was the same as in the first one....

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The dream

The director of a large company asks the security guard working the night shift to call him a cab, because he needs to take a red-eye flight to New York. The guard tells him not to board the plane because he just had a dream that the director would have an accident....

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In the dark

One night, when my uncle Emil was reading a book in the living room, his wife turned off the light and the living room became completely dark. However, my uncle continued reading. How is this possible? Emil is blind; reading Braille. more...

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The coin

My uncle Raphael bought a coin in the flea market for $10. The coin has the head of Emperor Augustus and is dated 27BC. The other side is illegible. It is a fake, however. What proves that it is not a true ancient Roman coin? It would not have BC on it....

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Soccer game

My son was telling me yesterday, "Four days ago, my school's soccer team won a game 4 to 1, although none of the boys on my school's team scored any goals. Also, the other team didn't score against itself accidentally." How can this be? It was a girls team....

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What am I?

I get hung but I'm not a picture I'm green but I'm not a coat I'm a plant but I'm not a mint I appear most in December, but I'm not a Christmas tree.Mistletoe.more riddlesDonec rutrum congue leo eget malesuada. Vivamus...

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