The taxi driver

Imagine you are a taxi driver and you are driving a 1978 yellow cab. Your passengers are an older couple, and they want to travel 6 miles. You are driving at 40 miles per hour with the tank one-third full, when, 2 miles into the trip, the tank is down to one-quarter full. Ten minutes later, the trip is over. What is the name and age of the cab driver?

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At the beginning of the puzzle, it says that you are the cab driver. Therefore, the answer is your name and age.

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What is it?

There is a marvelous invention which makes it possible for people to see through brick walls. What is it?The window.more riddlesDonec rutrum congue leo eget malesuada. Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed,...

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What am I?

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What are the people taking?

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How many kids?

Sometimes it helps to be bigger--especially when you're only four or five years old. The children were making candy apples for the Halloween party, eating as they worked. The bigger kids managed to gobble up seven apples apiece (and got stomachaches for their pains),...

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