A foot, a yard, a mile

Let us assume that you are an Atlas. We won’t ask you to support the world. Uncle Sam already does that. All we ask you to do is to take a gigantic piece of cigarette paper and tear it in half. Next, put the two pieces on top of each other and tear them in two. Then put the ensuing four pieces on top of each other and tear them in two. Follow this procedure 32 times until you have a large stack of cigarette paper. This will have required a considerable use of your muscles. Now flex your mental muscles and make an approximate guess as to how high the pile would be. Would it be a foot, a yard, a mile or what?

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It would reach beyond the moon. Figure it out if you do not believe this 🙂

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The right way

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3 words

Though small I am, yet, when entire,I've force to set the world on fire.Take off a letter, and 'tis clearMy punch will hold a herd of deer:Dismiss another, and you'll findI once contained all humankind.Spark, park, arkmore...

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