Category: Hard Riddles

  • The total distance

    A Ferrari is traveling at 30 miles per hour on a head-on collision course with a Maserati, which is being driven at a leisurely 20 miles per hour. When the two cars are exactly 50 miles apart, a very fast fly leaves the front fender of the Ferrari and travels towards the Maserati at 100…

  • Different arrangements

    Four people can sit at a table in twenty-four different arrangements. How many arrangements are possible for seating eight people?

  • How did I fare in English?

    Teacher: You appeared for 4 quizzes, and your average marks in them were 84. Student: How did I fare in English? Teacher: Well, your average in English Language and English Literature is 82. Student: So, how was my performance in the remaining subjects? Teacher: I am sure you can figure that out for yourself.

  • Whose name did the Inspector write down?

    Will Ketchum settled into his chair as Sergeant Zupp came into his office. “‘Have all three arrived, Hans?” he asked.Sergeant Zupp nodded. “They all agreed to come and answer a few questions. The storeowner objected at first, but the cab driver and the painter were willing enough.”‘Inspector Ketchum looked pleased. “If one of them is…

  • Who is married to SUE?

    If JOHN is married to JUANITEAnd MARCUS is married to SIMONEAnd NANTEO is married to SUZI.Then who is married to SUE?

  • Four figures

    A row of four figures in value will beAbove seven thousand nine hundred and three;But when they are halved, you’ll find very fairThe sum will be nothing, in truth I declare.

  • What’s the number?

    It’s not easy having a mathematics professor as a new friend. When she invites you to her house she says, “All the houses on my side of the street are numbered consecutively in even numbers. There are six houses on my side of my block and the sum of their numbers is 9870. You don’t…

  • How do you distribute the lemons?

    You have 1023 lemons and 10 bags. You have to distribute these lemons in these 10 bags in any way you choose. But when I ask for a certain number of lemons you have to give them in terms of bags without transferring the lemons from other bags. How do you distribute the lemons?

  • What percentage?

    If 70 percent of the population have defective eyesight, 75 percent are hard of hearing, 80 percent have sinus trouble and 85 percent suffer from allergies, what percentage (at a minimum) suffer from all four ailments?

  • Why?

    A woman lives in a skyscraper thirty-six floors high and served by several elevators which stop at each floor going up and down. Each morning she leaves her apartment and goes to one of the elevators. Whichever one she takes is three times more likely to be going up than down. Why?