Category: Hard Riddles

  • How many eggs?

    A man is walking down a road with a basket of eggs. As he is walking he meets someone who buys one-half of his eggs plus one-half of an egg. He walks a little further and meets another person who buys one-half of his eggs plus one-half of an egg. After proceeding further he meets…

  • Five letter word

    It’s a common five-letter word that usually takes up a lot of space in any dictionary. A few of its definitions are given below. Can you identify the word?Adjective: enveloping; with horizontal swing; plump; smooth and full-sounding; sonorous; well finished-off; periodic; approximate; full; plain-spoken; candid; honest; unsparing; vigorous; unqualified; without mincingAdverb: about; on all sides;…

  • What is it?

    What has roots that nobody sees, and is taller than trees.Up, up it goes, and yet it never grows.What is it?

  • The Jilted Bride

    In a mountain village in Switzerland, during the winter of 1693, a couple was being married. In the midst of the ceremony, a girl, jilted by the bridegroom, appeared and made a scene.“The wedding bell will not ring,” she said, before taking poison in front of the gathering.Sure enough, when the bellringer tried, there was…

  • What is the chance?

    You have fifty coins totaling $1.00. You drop one down an open drain while tossing the coins in your hand. What is the chance that you have lost a quarter?

  • Four Fruits

    In a contest, four fruits (an apple, a banana, an orange, and a pear) have been placed in four closed boxes (one fruit per box). People may guess which fruit is in which box. 123 people participate in the contest. When the boxes are opened, it turns out that 43 people have guessed none of…

  • What am I?

    I’m one of five, I’m not alive.The one who sent me forth became king,The one who received me died.What am I?

  • The right color

    It was execution day in the kingdom of Ferristy. But also, by coincidence, it was a national holiday. Thus it was that the king decided to spare the life of one condemned man. He took three men who were to be killed and placed them in a circle facing each other. Then he blindfolded them.…

  • How many months old was?

    Jen gave birth to her daughter Caroline on the first of January in a year following a leap year. Starting in February, on the first of the month throughout that year, she made note of the day of the week. She noticed that the monthly anniversary of her daughter’s birth fell on a Friday three…

  • Common English word

    What common English word will describe a person or thing as not being found in any place and yet with no changes other than a space between syllables, will correctly describe that person or thing as being actually present at this very moment?